Keena Fencing is a leading company providing tailored solutions to all your fencing needs in Melbourne. We are available for a variety of services for both domestic and commercial properties such as temporary Fencing, Chain Link Mesh Fencing, Pressed Spear Top Fencing, Gates, Automation, Bollards, and Safety Railing.

A Brief History of Keena Fencing

Keena Fencing was first established in 1960 by the Late Hubert Keena and operated from the Clayton family home as H&G Keena Fencing. In 1985, his daughter Lorraine and son-in-law Les Foreman took over the business, shifted it to Dandenong’s Dunn Crescent and built a new factory in Dandenong South in 1986.

Ten years later, Les Foreman further expanded the business by introducing temporary fencing into Keena Fencing’s operations. Since his passing on 1/4/2017, his wife Lorraine and children Belinda and Adam Foreman are managing the company. Keena Fencing has remained a 100% family-owned business since its very inception.

Why hire us?

  • Years of experience in the field of safety railings
  • Efficient and reliable service
  • All fencing and products comply with Australian Standards 1725.1-2010
  • Industry compliance with leading companies in Australia- CFMEU, CBUS, Coinvest, Incolink and Worksafe.
  • An all-inclusive pricing system
  • Members of the Australian Chainlink Fencing Association and Australian Industry Group


Call us for Industrial Safety Fencing

Fencing for your business, whether it is a factory or office, should be one of the first steps to ensure the security of its premises. One can install CCTV cameras and alarms any day, but if the perimeter of the property doesn’t have any physical protection of its own, your security structure remains insufficient.

Every business comprises of expensive equipment, machinery and confidential paperwork that must be protected. Not only is the theft of these a monetary loss for the company but also potentially harmful for its health. A good quality fencing and gating will also protect from other unfavourable situations and keep you, your employees and the property safe. Thus, one must not make compromises on fencing and gating; there is too much on the line!

Keena Fencing provides you with the best fencing solutions for all kinds of businesses. We are a fencing contractor with the experience and expertise to provide industrial buildings with fencing and other security measures. We manufacture products in our facility in Dandenong South and are available for both supply and installations.

Fencing is not a ‘one size fits all’ entity- each kind provides different benefits. Similarly, each also has drawbacks of its own. The right fencing for your business will vary across type, size, location, and the budget allocated to it. Our professional, well-trained and efficient fence erectors analyse the property and help you make the right choice for best results.

You can hire us for projects of any scale- no job is too big or too small for us, and we are well-equipped to handle both! Moreover, all of our services and products are highly affordable. We give you some of the best prices and fencing services in Melbourne. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote today.