Chain Link Fencing Melbourne – High Quality Workmanship and Superior Service

Permanent Fencing & Safety Products

At Keena Fencing, we Fabricate everything in our facility in Dandenong South. We offer a range of Safety and Security Products to suit many applications.

  • Safety handrail and gates, used in warehousing, factory’s, and carparks to control pedestrian flow.
  • Bollards: Bolt down or set into footings, powder coat and reflective tape options.
  • Guard rails to prevent vehicles, forklifts, machinery from damaging other equipment.
  • Pallet Access Gates
  • Sporting enclosures: tennis nets and cricket nets
  • Stock fall protection for securing of stock on pallet racking
  • Cages for Gas meters, Valves, Water meters ect.
  • Window guards, to stop vandals or to protect property from intruders
  • We stock a large range of fence fittings, Steel pipe, and wire which can be sold by the meter.


Chain Link Fencing Supplies Melbourne

At Keena Fencing, you will find not only excellent fencing services but also chain link fencing products. We fabricate all products in our facility in Dandenong South. Our team is available to supply and install the products for you.

Why opt for chain link fencing?

Chain link fencing in Melbourne carries many advantages that have made them popular for residential and commercial properties alike. Here is why you should choose chain link fencing for your property:

  • Resistant to corrosion and hence long-lasting
  • The uniform mesh that creates a clean and pleasing look
  • Thick wire diameter that aids security levels
  • Adaptable for a variety of terrains such as mountains, beaches etc.
  • Suitable for both large and small areas
  • Budget-friendly.

Our work is customized according to your needs. Our facility produces high- quality products created entirely in Australia and meet the Australian Standard Specifications 1725.1-2010. Moreover, our staff is highly-trained and specialised to provide tailor-made fencing solutions.

Thus, a combination of high-quality products, superior services and years of experience in the field give us an edge over other companies in the area.

Our prices are all-inclusive. So there are no surprises for you at the end of the job!

Chain Link Fence for Sale Melbourne

We are available for work on both commercial and residential spaces. Whether it is a playground or business establishment, simply tell us about your security needs, and we will provide chain link fencing to you. We offer two types of chain link fencing:

Galvanised Chain Link Fencing- It has a classic and industrial look and is also relatively cheaper than PVC-Coated Chain Link Fencing.

PVC-Coated Chain Link Fencing- It is more customizable, available in a wider variety of colours and has added protection from the galvanised coating.

Each of these has distinct benefits. What makes one more suitable than the other depends on the use of your property, terrain, proximity to the ocean and your personal requirements. We would be glad to make recommendations for the best type of chain link fencing for you keeping these factors in mind.

You can also choose to get barbed or razor wire combined with chain link fencing in Melbourne for higher security. Additionally, if you have gas meters, valves or hot water units that need cages, we are there to provide you those as well- we create customised cages of cyclone mesh, welded mesh and perforated mesh.

We provide fencing solutions for all properties and would be glad to clear any doubts you have!