Australian Temporary Fencing Prices

At Keena Fencing, you will find customised services that meet all your Australian temporary fencing needs. Our design gives you two choices:

  • 25.5 kg concrete blocks (for paved, concrete and bitumen areas)
  • Jackhammer holding pins (for natural ground and soft asphalt areas)

These secure the 3.250m x 2m interlocking panels. We complete this with a lockable opening vehicle access gates (3 or 6 meters) or pedestrian gates (1.5 meters) as per your requirement.

Why choose us for temporary fencing in Melbourne?

Keena Fencing offers advantages like no other. By hiring us, you assure yourself a reliable and efficient service that provides you with high security as the end result.

Here is what all sets us apart: 

  • An interlocking design system that creates highly secure fencing
  • The option of a no-trip block footing design for clear and hassle-free movement
  • Customizable temporary fencing products
  • Worksafe approved handling methods
  • Australian-made products that adhere to the Australian Temporary Fence Standard AS4687-2007.
  • Fencing panels that can withstand winds of 117k/h (tested by Vicpac)
  • A transparent and all-inclusive pricing policy


We provide you with chain link fencing panels, crowed control barriers timber hoarding, temporary building site storage cages, temporary vehicle access gates and temporary pedestrian access gates.